Okay, this is my very first post so I am going to write about myself and the other detail. My name is Chen Tze Yong and I coming from Malaysia. Born on 26th March and gonna be 25 years old next month. Wow, time have gone so fast now. LOL.. Anyway, I am not really familiar with blogging but I do make money through blogging and of course not from this blog 😛 This whole blogging thing is kinda new to me because here I can thrash talk or whatever. I hope I’m not going to thrash talk here and hope that this blog gonna be useful for some. Usually, I blog for money and I tried a lot of method that I can found through search engine. Well, it is not difficult but it needs perseverance. I have thought of giving up before but I just keep on going and now I have my own money making blog for me 🙂 It’s not a lot but once you get the payment, you will feel accomplished and satisfied. I will blog about it some other day because I am not so sure what to write about the experiences. LOL.. I also read a lot about the successful blogger out there, it makes me stronger everyday. Anyway, that is all about me. Feel free to drop me a comment and I hope that gonna be my next topic to write 😛 See ya..